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Article No.
Product Name
1 Bolt P0300336 Bolt Regular Size
2 Nut P0300337 Nut Regular Size
3 Flat Washer P0300338 Flat Washer Regular Size
4 Aluminium Blind Rivet P0300339 Aluminium Blind Rivet Regular Size
5 Hand Gloves P0300341 Hand Gloves Regular Size
6 Safety Goggles P0300342 Safety Goggles Regular Size
7 Twist Drill Set P0300343 Twist Drill Set Regular Size
8 Cutting Wheel P0300344 Cutting Wheel Regular Size
9 Cable Tie P0300347 Cable Tie Regular Size
10 Electrical Cable P0300349 Electrical Cable Regular Size
11 Drills P0300350 Drills Regular Size
12 Hacksaw frame P0300351 Hacksaw frame Regular Size
13 Hacksaw Blades P0300352 Hacksaw Blades Regular Size
14 Hammers Rubber P0300353 Hammers Rubber Regular Size
15 Hammer P0300354 Hammer Regular Size
16 Tape Measure P0300355 Tape Measure Regular Size
17 Screwdriver P0300356 Screwdriver Regular Size
18 Pliers P0300357 Pliers Regular Size
19 Wrench P0300358 Wrench Regular Size
20 Cutter Knife P0300359 Cutter Knife Regular Size
21 Screw P0300360 Screw Regular Size
22 Iron Nail P0300361 Iron Nail Regular Size
23 Marker Pan P0300362 Marker Pan Regular Size
24 Portable Extension Wire P0300363 Portable Extension Wire Regular Size
25 Hand Gloves Leather P0300364 Hand Gloves Leather Regular Size
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